Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

The third edition is out now, so you probably want to buy that edition instead of the first one, and visit the AIMA 3rd edition web page instead of this one.

(Second Edition) by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig

The leading textbook in Artificial Intelligence.
Used in over 1100 universities in 102 countries (over 90% market share).
The 85th most cited publication on Citeseer.

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Table of Contents (Full Version)

     Preface (html); chapter map
Part I Artificial Intelligence
     1 Introduction
     2 Intelligent Agents
Part II Problem Solving
     3 Solving Problems by Searching
     4 Informed Search and Exploration
     5 Constraint Satisfaction Problems (pdf)
     6 Adversarial Search
Part III Knowledge and Reasoning
     7 Logical Agents (pdf)
     8 First-Order Logic
     9 Inference in First-Order Logic
    10 Knowledge Representation
Part IV Planning
    11 Planning (pdf)
    12 Planning and Acting in the Real World
Part V Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning
    13 Uncertainty
    14 Probabilistic Reasoning
    15 Probabilistic Reasoning Over Time
    16 Making Simple Decisions
    17 Making Complex Decisions
Part VI Learning
    18 Learning from Observations
    19 Knowledge in Learning
    20 Statistical Learning Methods (pdf)
    21 Reinforcement Learning
Part VII Communicating, Perceiving, and Acting
    22 Communication
    23 Probabilistic Language Processing
    24 Perception
    25 Robotics
Part VIII Conclusions
    26 Philosophical Foundations
    27 AI: Present and Future
    Bibliography (pdf and counts)
    Index (html or pdf)

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