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The code repository is now on Github as the !!aimacode project

Language Choices

What languages are instructors using? To get an approximate idea, I gave the query [norvig russell "Modern Approach" language] where language is one of the languages below, and looked at the estimated hit counts (in thousands) on various dates. Of course, neither recall nor precision is perfect for these queries, nor is the estimated number of results guaranteed to be accurate. Furthermore, activity on github indicates that Python is currently much more popular than Java or C++, so these counts may be largely of legacy pages.

LanguageSep 2004Feb 2005Jun 2007Jan 2010Mar 2019
none 8K20K75K150K258K
java 2K5K44K37K67K
c++ 1K2K35K105K50K
python 1K1K18K11K44K
lisp 1K1K30K19K25K
prolog 1K2K23K17K23K