Online Demos (Applets) of Artificial Intelligence

This page lists some demos of various artificial intelligence techniques that you can run in your browser. These can help explain how AI algorithms work. Your next step after running these demos would be to download, run, and modify some source code, such as the AIMA online code repository.

Demos by Site

Here are some of the best sites for demos; let know of others.

Demos by Topic (Chapter)

In the following table, demos are organized by chapter in AIMA. For each chapter we list the demos that we know of. When there are several, we make a rough attempt to have the best ones listed first, but this is subjective, and may depend on the particular browser you are using.

2Vacuum AgentNTNU
3-4SearchMIT / UBC
3Search treesRMIT
3A* Search8/16-puzzle / 8-puzzle
4Genetic AlgorithmsTSP / Plant Eaters
5Minimax and Alpha-BetaMIT
5OthelloAjax / Cyrano / Chirico
6CSPs (Map coloring)MIT / UBC
9Definite Clause DeductionUBC
11Strips PlanningUBC
12Continuous PlanningKoenig
14Belief NetworksUBC / JavaBayes
17Markov Decision ProcessesUBC
18Decision TreesAlberta / UBC
20Neural NetworksUBC
20Support Vector (Kernel) MachinesMIT
21Reinforcement LearningBlackjack
25Robotic ControlUBC